Custom Software Development Services

Who I Am

Hi, I am Olga, a Ukrainian web and mobile developer with BSc in Computer Engineering with Honors who worked remotely with leading US media companies and prominent startups. I am always on the lookout for new projects.

My resume

A large sample of my code based on code.

Contact Information

If you are interested in working with me, please drop me a message at
[email protected].

I am available for working with clients directly as well as collaborating or subcontracting with web development or digital agencies.

Any intermediary, willing to subcontract their project to me, should represent an established agency or be an established freelance software developer.

I Can Develop a React and Next.js Web App for You

I can help you

  • build a new React/Next.js web app or website with SSR (server-side rendering, which is important for SEO);
  • convert your existing vanilla JavaScript/jQuery web app to React;
  • convert your purely client-side React web app to React and Next.js with server-side rendering;
  • add new features to your existing React web app and (attempt to) fix bugs in your existing React/Next.js web app;
  • develop a React Native mobile app based on your React web app.

I have plenty of experience with software maintenance and fixing mission-critical issues.

And I LOVE complex projects which require attention to detail.

This website ( was developed in React and Next.js with custom responsive design (Bootstrap grid with custom SCSS) and server-side rendering for all tens of thousands of product pages. The backend is split into two parts: a Node.js + Express.js part and a Next.js part. The website is hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet and uses DigitalOcean Spaces (S3-compatible object storage service) as a CDN for serving images and downloads.

I Can Build a Static Website with Gatsby/React for You

While I have most experience working with Next.js and React, I also have some experience with Gatsby (a great React-based framework for static websites).

I would be interested in creating a brochure website (a several-page website, listing your products or services), a landing page, a personal or company blog, or a custom E-commerce website with Gatsby for you.

To add new website content, you would be able to use text templates in Markdown format, WordPress or Shopify as a headless CMS (content management system), or another headless CMS.

The key benefits of Gatsby are as follows:

  • Small code size, very good performance, and high page load speed. The whole static website can be served from a CDN (content delivery network).
  • Website security: a Gatsby-based website is static (as a rule) and there is nothing Gatsby-specific to hack into.
  • Ease of creating new pages/posts. You or a developer can use text templates with Markdown syntax or a familiar headless CMS to add website content. And you will easily be able to switch to a different CMS later, if needed.
  • Ease of adding lots of landing pages programmatically.
  • Easier long-term website maintenance. Gatsby is more lightweight and less buggy than WordPress.
  • A static Gatsby website is developed with React and can be upgraded to a full-fledged web app later if needed.

I Can Add Landing Pages to Your Website with Programmatic SEO

I have experience with programmatic SEO and can help you automate generation of SEO-related data.

I can create thousands or even tens of thousands landing pages for specific long-tail keywords on your website based on your search keywords research and other SEO-related data.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Programmatic SEO should only be used in collaboration with a SEO specialist who knows what pages should be added and how fast. Fast addition of many low-quality pages might harm a website's SEO rankings severely. Before using programmatic SEO, it is recommended that the website already has high page rank, some domain authority, and backlinks. I do not provide SEO services and can only handle the technical part of programmatic SEO.

If you want me to combine text fragments to generate your website content automatically, you must have the rights to use these fragments on your website and are solely responsible for legal compliance.

Product keywords, URLs, and titles on ALL tens of thousands of product pages at were generated programmatically with the help of my custom scripts and utilities, based on a system of core keywords, key product tags, and prefix/suffix modifiers.

The website sitemap was also created and updated automatically with my custom Node.js utility.

I Can Help You Automate Repetitive Graphic Design Tasks

I have experience with automation of common image- and text-processing tasks, such as:

  • bulk renaming, combining (for example, creating logos, product covers or adding watermarks), and resizing images;
  • editing image metadata;
  • generating new vector and raster images based on vector templates, color and font data, and user's choice;
  • creating generative vector art (for example, NFT art) based on graphic templates and specifications;
  • populating mockups;
  • generating TXT or JSON files based on templates and provided data.

If you represent a digital agency or a SaaS startup, I can help you automate time-consuming and repetitive graphic design tasks.

If you have lots of small, repetitive, and clearly defined design tasks, my custom scripts and utilities can save you days or even months of valuable and expensive designer time and help you get an edge over your competitors.

I Can Bulk-Recolor Vector Graphics for You

If you are a hobbyist/crafter/agency, you can order a pack of SVG/PNG/JPG backgrounds or clip art images based on your image templates and a list of colors, which can be provided by you or me.

My proprietary scripts and utilities can handle recoloring and resizing of hundreds of thousands of images within a single task running in the background.

ALL hundreds of thousands of images (except for the logo and icons) at were generated programmatically with the help of my custom scripts and utilities.

I Can Create an Online Image Editor for You

I can create a simple online editor which will allow your users to customize images before purchasing or downloading your products based on these images.

Project Examples

Typical project durations and budgets:

  • Development of a complex React/Next.js or React/Gatsby web app/website (for example, a custom E-commerce solution). Duration: from 2 to 8 or more months. Budget: from $8000 US to $40000+ US, depending on the project complexity. Conversion of an existing app without adding new features takes considerably less time than developing from scratch. Time and materials contract. Complete source code is provided after a milestone or the final payment has been made.
  • Development of a static website in Gatsby/React with content provided by the client. Duration: from 1 week to 2 or more months. Budget: from $1200 US to $10000+ US, depending on the project complexity. Time and materials or fixed-price contract. Complete source code is provided after the final payment has been made. Programmatic generation of landing pages for your Gatsby website is available for an additional fee, depending on project size and complexity.
  • Development of an image-processing Node.js app (for example, an ad banner generator), a command-line utility, or an Adobe Illustrator script. Duration: from 2 days to 4 or more weeks. Budget: from $200 US to $5000+ US, depending on complexity. Time and materials or fixed-price contract. Delivery of source code is subject to negotiation.
  • Project maintenance (minor enhancements, bug fixes, adding or updating content). Duration: from 1 hour to 1 or more weeks per month. Budget: from $50 US to $1200+ US per month, depending on complexity. Time and materials or fixed-price retainer contract. Complete source code is provided.